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Minimum Viable Product Development2021-02-17T17:51:44+00:00
Turn Your Idea into Reality

Minimum Viable Product Development

Everything starts from an idea. In collaboration with all your team, we elaborate the right strategy and hand-in-hand with you to develop your MVP to make things happen.

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Improve Stakeholder Attractiveness and Growth.

We aim to support your project with a customizable offer and pricing. We pay a particular attention to your needs and goals.
We can work on a project basis or per hour. We will choose together the best solution.

Minimum ViableProductDevelopment

$ 10,000

  • One price, all the channels

  • We won’t ask you to spend more

  • We drive more attractiveness, SROI and impact to your business

  • We provide real, practical product positioning advice
  • Follow our work through a personalized link
  • Get your MVP in 2 weeks
  • Connect with our partners (investors, marketing agencies etc)

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Our No-Code Agency

When do we deliver?2021-02-15T08:01:11+00:00

In a matter of weeks, depending of your projects.

If you hire us to build your Minimum Viable Product, we deliver your product in four weeks maximum.
That’s why we pay a lot of attention from the beginning to your needs and requirements.

We use no-code tools to deliver faster your product and help you to focus on your business plan.

What is no-code?2021-02-11T12:38:10+00:00

No-code is a way to build quickly websites, web apps and mobile applications.
From the beginning, software developers built no-code tools accessible to non-tech people. Now, depending on the project, tech professionals use them to save time and everybody can build a MVP without spending thousand dollars.
However, even if those tools are very accessible, they require time and some experience to build efficiently the product wanted.
The code is always accessible and if the project needs to reach another level, it’s possible to share the code with tech professionals.

What we offer?2021-02-15T07:59:06+00:00

Heart n Design Lab aims to be the reference agency for sustainable projects. We work with entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and NGOs worldwide.
We commit to help the impact industry, working under the Sustainable Development Goals framework, becoming mainstream and growing to solve our current challenges.

We consider tech as a mean for an end which will help to accelerate solutions around the World.

We provide: web development, mobile apps and MVPs with design at the heart of our journey.

How much cost our services?2021-02-11T12:49:44+00:00

One again, it depends on your project and its complexity.
We can design a website within hours and a Minimum Viable Product within weeks.
We mainly work on a project basis but if you prefer to work on a hourly basis we will adapt.
Websites start from $500 and we build a complete MVP for maximum $10,000.

We pay attention to your needs and requirements before starting a project so everything is very clear for all.
Monthly, we charge costs we have to pay to maintain your product, not more.

  • We charge 40% as a retainer for MVPs
  • We charge 20% as a retainer for other projects.

Marie-Anne JAILLOT

Managing Director

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Heart n Design Lab

No-Code Agency
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